What is Beyond?

Pushing “Beyond” is about utilizing high quality ideas and awareness for better self investment. Investing in yourself is the best way to increase your life satisfaction. “Beyond” encompasses a handful of concepts that all gel together for synergistic results. Each concept will improve you. Together they will help push you beyond what you thought possible in all areas of life.

Growth & Abundance Mindset

We live in an abundant world today. There is abundance of money, food, and coffee. Although people may live in abundance, many people still operate under a scarcity mindset.

The brain grows and learns throughout one’s lifetime. Your likes, desires and dislikes will change as you grow. The self is dynamic, not static.

You will not run out of ideas. You are a problem solving machine. New days bring new challenges. When  you reach new challenges you will figure out how to solve them, even if you don’t have all the answers right now. If you have a great idea, share it. Don’t hold back. The idea will only get better with time.



Feed Your Mind Well

What you expose your mind to affects your overall health. There is good and bad information.

We stay away from moldy and poisonous foods as we know they will hurt our body. We don’t always take the same care with poisonous ideas. If you regularly watch or read information that makes you feel afraid, lonely, and agree, then you will feel that way. Many of us have poor and detrimental self talk.

How do you combat unhealthy ideas? Regularly consume good information through reading, listening or watching. What defines good information depends on the individual. The information should be of interest to you, engaging, or have potential for solving a problem. It may make you feel good whether that’s through humor, happiness or pleasure. The more good information in your life, the better life you will enjoy.


Cumulative Good vs. Good & Bad

If you are developing a new healthy eating habit, you should see each healthy food as “adding up.” Each day, you focus on increasing the total amount of healthy food you’ve eaten so far. The counter can only go up. If you eat a “bad” food, that doesn’t decrease your progress.

Most people congratulate themselves when doing “good” but make themselves feel really bad when they mess up. Instead of logic winning, where the recognition of the “bad” pivots them towards better behavior, they end up spiraling out of control. That’s because if you feel bad, you will comfort yourself with more bad behaviors. Understanding that you are not perfect and being less harsh on yourself will allow you to develop more new habits over time.

Presence & Your Most Value

Be present around other people. It’s easy to continuously check your phone for messages and notifications for short term gratification. The messages and notifications will still be there after your done. The best experiences in life are social ones, shared with others.

Being present with others will develop stronger relationships and increase the chances you hangout together again. By listening with your full attention, you’ll be able to give your most valuable advice. When you bring value to others, you are often rewarded too. They are more prone to help and listen to you. It’s not a zero-sum game, its a synergistic one. As you provide value, more value will be added to both of your lives.

Be Uncomfortable & Explore

The mind loves to grow. A life of complete comfort is unsatisfying because it is too static. The mind rewards new experiences.

Consistently pushing past uncomfortable feelings to meet new people, go new places, and try new things will ensure a diverse and exciting life. Life is always changing. Accept the flow, so that you may live too!


Creating Is Fulfilling

One of the easiest ways to be fulfilled is through creating. Whether you like to write novels, play music, draw cartoons, design phone applications, or build furniture, creating is very fulfilling. You get to use knowledge you’ve gathered, apply it and make something new.

If you’ve never created something on your own accord, try now and see how it feels. As you create more, you’ll want to learn and explore more. They all feed into each other.

Self Awareness Pays Dividends

The more you know about you, the better you can shape your life to your wants and needs. If your investing in yourself and building a lifestyle that you were told to or felt like you had to build, it will be hard to enjoy life and be happy.

The road to self awareness is a tough one. It takes time and effort. It’s uncomfortable to find out what has limited you but so rewarding to do that which was always outside your self identity.

Emotions have been marketed as a weakness and people often suppress their emotions. But emotions are what make life worthwhile. It is important to let yourself explore emotional memories and ideas that have pull on your life. If you can attach words and understand them, you can accept them as the past and move forward.

Invest in your ever changing self and build a lifestyle in line with you!