What is Better?

These are the basics and there is no debate on the value of these 4 habits. If you want to maximize what we can offer here at Pushing Beyond Better, these habits should be a regular part of your lifestyle. You are depriving yourself of how good life can be if anyone of one these loses frequency in your life.


If you have never tried meditation, try 5 mins here. The reason to begin meditation is that it develops a habit of reflection and awareness beyond the time input. When you meditate for 5 minutes a day for 30 days, the effect of the practice is far greater than 150 minutes.

Reflection and awareness will start to organically float in to your conscious mind throughout the day on a regular basis even without an active meditation practice. Once at that point, meditation is still a valuable tool for changing your state of mind for a specific purpose like from tiredness back to normal energy levels.


Feed Your Body Well

What you put into your body matters. We all know we should stay hydrated throughout the day and eat more greens. Most of us will have sweets from time to time and that’s okay. Do not ban foods and then feel bad for eating them. This is counterproductive and actually results in the consumption of more “bad” foods.

Focus on what you would like to eat more of and try to eat more of those foods each day. Some days will go sour, but there’s nothing you can do after the fact except to eat better foods at your next meal. Focusing on the cumulative good of eating certain foods will result in more sustainable and long-term healthy eating habits.


Movement has to be a part of your lifestyle. It’s easier when you’re younger. There are sports teams to join, practices and games several times a week. You just have to show up. Not only is there a coach in charge of your exercise but it is fun too!

As we age, it is far harder to keep up the habit. No one’s forcing you to workout and sports teams are less accessible than they used to be. If you want a lifetime of good health and mobility, exercise cannot be something you expect to do 6 months, 1-2 or even 5 years. Regular movement is a lifestyle. Start with a daily short walk a few times a week. Over time you may naturally increase the frequency or duration. Once that’s comfortable, you may surprise yourself by sprinkling in a few high intensity workouts during the week. Progress may be slow, but consistency pays off over time.

7+ Hours of Sleep

Sleep is for rejuvenation and replenishment for your mind and body. If you are not getting enough sleep, instead of trying to wake up earlier, change your nighttime routine. This could be through reducing exposure to blue light an hour before bed (phone, tv) or reading a book. Figure out what works for you through trial and error until the new routine sticks.

If you are oversleeping, try to become less dependent on an alarm. When you hit your alarm, your body tries to go back into a 90 min sleep cycle. If you wake up mid-sleep cycle, you will be tired. Also, realize that it makes sense you are not fully awake with boundless energy immediately upon waking. This is a common expectation but it makes no sense. You were just sleeping for 7-8 hours, it actually makes sense that you are slightly tired. Our states of mind and energy levels flow from one to another; they are not distinct on/off switches.